The Power of Love

Carrying on from my wedding piece last week, here’s a bit more about Love

All You Need Is Love

In the words of Christian from Moulin Rouge, ‘Love is a many splendored thing, Love lifts us up where we belong, All you need is love!’

I am going to have to treat myself and watch the film now, with a good old sing song hehe.

This message is more important than ever at the moment. The current pandemic has made us appreciate the small things in life and those around us and in our lives.

Love is a deep and powerful emotion that holds different meanings person to person. It also depends what it relates to. Ancient Greek philosophers identified six forms of love: familial, friend/platonic, romantic, self-love, guest and divine. This has expanded further over time with unrequited love, empty love, companionate love, consummate love and infatuated love. These are often topic of songs, films and books etc, not to mention the fairy tales we all know and love. Who doesn’t want to have their own ‘Happilly Ever After’?!

Happily Ever After

In all its forms, love plays a big part in our lives and can affect us both mentally and physically. It can be ‘love at first sight,’ ‘make our heart skip a beat’, ‘give us butterflies’ and make us ‘lovesick’. These all sound like symptoms, not because love is an illness as such, but because quite often it’s out of our control. This is down to hormones and chemicals, such as Oxytocin which is released and brings happiness for example, during a hug. Studies even show that withholding love from new-borns can have a big negative effect on them for the rest of their lives!

Happy Brain

Love is represented in many different ways. The main one being a heart, as it’s seen as a metaphor for being the centre of everything. There’s also the ‘X’ which is commonly used to end messages between friends and family. One theory as to how this came about is that an X looks like puckered lips. Another is that > and < represent two people’s lips, and joining them creates an X.

And don’t forget about emojis. Have you ever wondered why there are so many different heart ones? I have now discovered they each have their own meaning – who knew!! And here’s me just using them based on the colour. I Hope I haven’t offended anyone or given anyone the wrong idea hehe.

There are also different figures that we associate with love. Cupid is known for playing match maker, while Aphrodite and Venus were the Greek and Roman goddesses of love.


I’ll finish off with some wise words from my favourite ‘silly old bear’

Pooh and Piglet

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