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Happy August everyone

It certainly doesn’t feel like its summer with today’s weather. Does the weather affect how you’re feeling? I definitely comfort eat more. Like a bear, fattening up for winter. I just wish I could curl up and hibernate to have a long sleep too hehe.

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#Hibernate #Rest

I’ve talked before about an organisation called Action for Happiness who focus on building a happier and more caring society. Each month sees a different theme or focus, with ideas of simple but effective things we can do to try and improve our wellbeing. The theme for this month is ‘Altruistic August’. This means unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others. But to be able to look after others, we also need to care for ourselves.

#AltruisticAugust #ActionForHappiness #BeKind

We lead such busy lives nowadays with work, family and friends, that we forget to check in with our own wellbeing. But remember, you’re just as important as everyone. We need to be as kind to ourselves as we are to others. It’s partly about recognising when your resources are running low, and stepping back to replenish them.


Self-care doesn’t have to involve a huge time commitment and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. It could be taking a bath, relaxing with a good book, taking a walk outside or eating your favourite food. It’s about making a commitment to putting yourself first, even just for a while. It will be different for everyone – everyone has different needs and enjoys different things. The trick is to find something that you genuinely enjoy and that fits in with your routine. Once you start adding self-care to your life, you’re likely to become fiercely protective of that time and wonder how you ever managed without it! You might not even realise you’re doing it!

The senses play a big part in general in everything we do. It’s the same when it comes to looking after ourselves. Take a nice long hot bath for example. Not only is it a chance to have a bit of time to yourselves, but you also get the warmth of the water, the smell of any oils etc used. Or listening to your favourite music, eating your favourite food….The list goes on. But these are all simple things just for you.


By practicing self-care, we are making a conscious and deliberate decision to give something back to ourselves. The better we feel, the better we are in all areas of life, so you can be the best version of yourself. We are now able to look after others more effectively. Being kind and warm-hearted is the secret to a happier life and a better world

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