action for happiness

Self-Care September

A new month sees a new calendar from Action for Happiness which gives us daily ideas of ways we can be kinder to ourselves based on the theme of self-care.

#SelfCareSeptember #ActionForHappiness #BeKind

Self-care is far from selfish, in fact, it’s essential. It increases our resilience and helps us be the best version of ourself.

We’re all guilty of being critical about ourselves and can be our own worst enemy at times. We wouldn’t talk to friends or family in this way, so why do we do it to ourselves?
The more we say something, the more we tend to believe it – whether this be said aloud or subconsciously in our heads. This in turn can affect our behaviour and ambitions.
Being kind to yourself can impact all areas of life. The time you are kind to yourself is the time you’re backing and supporting the person most able to achieve your upmost dreams… yourself.

There are lots of ways to practice self-care, but I think the hardest part is admitting that we need to step back and have time for ourselves in the first place. This in itself is a form of self-care. By doing this you are putting yourself first.

The senses play a big part in general in everything that we do. It’s the same when it comes to looking after ourselves. Take a nice long hot bath for example. Not only is it a chance to have a bit of time to yourselves, but you also get the warmth of the water, the smell of any oils etc used. Or listening to your favourite music, eating your favourite food….The list goes on. But these are all simple things just for you.

These go hand in hand with techniques for being more grounded.


Grounding is designed to ease your mind so you can get through stressful moments. By using the five senses to focus, you can help to avoid anxious thoughts that might be acting as a distraction and get in the way of your progress.

Five things you can SEE: Find five things around you. This could be anything, big or small. A pen, a book, a tree etc

Four things you can TOUCH: Find four things around you. This could be your clothes, the floor, a sofa etc

Three things you can HEAR: Find three things around you. This could be the TV, a passing car, the birds outside etc

Two things you can SMELL: Find two things around you. This could be freshly mowed grass if you’re outside, the perfume you’re wearing, or food cooking

One thing you can TASTE: Find one thing around you. This could be a cup of tea/coffee, mint of your toothpaste or your most recent meal

By focusing on these, you are able to get the most out of every moment

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