Oh to be Young Again

Oh to be young again. I always think children are so much more fearless than adults. They definitely dance like no one is watching, and sing like no one is listening. They live life to the full by seeing the hope in everything, dreaming big, making the most of a situation and trying new things.

By forgetting some of the seriousness and complications of ‘adulting’ and you can embrace your inner courageous crazy creative inner-child. Here are just a few examples of how a child-like attitude/behaviour might be something is adults should take note of.


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Keep Calm and Carry on

Call it stubbornness or determination, depending on what it is, kids fight hard for what they want. Nothing is too difficult, and they welcome a challenge. All too often, adults are guilty of falling at the first hurdle, or even not trying in the first place. This could be lack of motivation or willpower to pursue something. As adults, we seem to avoid what we don’t know and we stay safely in our comfort zone, afraid of what if’s.

Stop and appreciate the little things

Appreciate the Small Things in Life

Sometimes we’re so busy going about our daily lives, that we forget the beauty of what is around us – a beautiful sunset, the colour or pattern of something, or even wandering how something works. Children are on a quest for knowledge, asking who, what, where, why, or how. They enjoy exploring and engaging with their surroundings, finding and having fun with whatever they can. If only we could take a step back and enjoy the simpler things more. I know this easier said than done for adults, as time is a big factor in being able to slow down and stop to see what’s been under your nose the whole time



Not only do our kids love us unconditionally, but they teach us what love is in a way we could never have imagined. A new-born has the ability to recognise their caregiver and seek them out over others. And this continues through childhood – in the eyes of our children, we are superheroes and someone to look up to. The same could be said for their favourite toy. You know the one, that one that has to go everywhere with them, and you dread them losing! If only we as adults could find comfort in and have such a strong bond with someone/something

Speaking their mind

Being Honest

Kids don’t hold back when it comes to being open and honest. Sometimes this might be inappropriate or not channelled in the right way, but you can’t accuse a child of bottling things up. We could definitely help ourselves if we tactfully and politely were honest with people.

The Boy Who Didn’t Grow Up

J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan focuses on how children are lovely and innocent that it seems a shame that they have to stop being children eventually. Our childhood can’t last forever, but we shouldn’t completely abandon it either. The carefree, adventurous, playful spirit of Peter stops us becoming rigid, irritable and dull like Mr. Darling.

1 thought on “Oh to be Young Again”

  1. Great post! Children are truly free spirits, unbridled with the fears we adults carry with us. My two boys are teenagers and it amazes me how easily they navigate technology, not worried in the least about clicking and button pushing, not knowing what will happen, but more curious than fearful of the outcome, unlike me. Having kids and being an elementary school teacher help me to let go a bit, slow down, and view those easily hidden little moments that truly make up life.


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