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Bouncing into a new Month

So I started this towards the end of last month, but ran out of time to finish off before going away on holibobs.

But here we go, better late than never  🙂

As we head into a new month, it’s a great time to reflect and instil changes. It’s also an opportunity to check in with yourself.


If life has taught us anything, it’s that it is unpredictable. By building up our skills though, we can try and face whatever is thrown at us. Different aspects and elements may be out of our control, but we can control how we respond and react. This could be facing challenges head on, or simply learning from them for the future. This can help to reduce anxiety and can boost confidence for taking on new opportunities. We think less about ‘what if….’ as we know we’ve been able to cope with similar challenges before. It helps us to learn ways of identify and coping with the good and bad in our lives.

I follow an organisation called Action for Happiness over on Instagram. They work to try and build a happier and more caring society. They define happiness as ‘feeling good about our lives and wanting to go on feeling that way.’ Our mental health is just as important as our physical health, if not more so, as it all has a knock on effect. If we are concerned about exercise and our diet, we should also be concerned about our feelings and emotions too.

One of the resources I love is their monthly calendars. Each month sees a different theme or focus, with ideas of simple but effective things we can do to try and improve our wellbeing.

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#JumoBackUpJuly #SelfCare

They even have an app, which is based on the themes and actions from the calendars, giving users a couple of friendly reminders each day – firstly that day’s action from the calendar in the morning, followed by a motivation affirmation towards the end of the day – a great way to start the day and little pick me up at the end.

The current month’s theme is all about resilience and bouncing back – #JumpBackUpJuly

Resilience is influenced by learnt behaviours from childhood, our relationships with others, and how we interpret events and manage our emotions and behaviour.


Our happiness is also influenced by other factors such as our genes, our financial situation, and by our daily activities and the conscious choices we make.

Have you even noticed that if someone smiles at you, you smile back? This is because happiness is contagious. If you surround yourself with others who are happy, and things that make you happy, it increases your overall wellbeing, and those around you. Our emotions bounce off each other.

Smiling is infectious – Carers Leeds

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