action for happiness

Try Something New

A new month sees a new calendar from Action for Happiness. They give us daily ideas of ways we can be kinder to ourselves. The theme for this month is ‘New Ways’


Quite often we get so sucked into our daily routines, that we forget who we are, what it is that we enjoy, and our enthusiasm and motivation. Auto-pilot takes over. This can be good to ensure we get important tasks done, but also detrimental to a person’s wellbeing when it comes to other aspects of life.

By staying within their own comfort zone, a person might become complacent. This could lead to them resisting change, and not reaching their full potential. It’s a sense of being stuck in a rut. Liking the familiarity, but lost all passion.

The fear of the unknown has a lot to answer for. But once this has been overcome, we get a huge sense of achievement and accomplishment. How can we expect things to change if we don’t make any changes? A person might not even realise that they’re holding themselves back.

Learning something new, or getting involved in an activity that really absorbs and interests us, is great for our wellbeing. By branching out of our comfort zone, we get our brain working. Just like the rest of our body, our brain needs food to remain active, to stimulate it and boost it. By trying new things it sharpens your focus, cognitive abilities, and increases creativity. Giving your brain something to think about daily is part of a healthy pathway to longevity.

It’s also a great way to break the monotony of everyday life, or give a sense of timing. I think a lot of us have found the pandemic has completely wiped out 2020/2021 and merged it all together! When we don’t have things to distinguish one day or week from another, time can seem to stand still.

New-ness can also come with excitement, something to look forward to, re-igniting an individual as they accept and live up to the challenge.

The more we try something, the more open we become. An insight can be gained into the “whys” and “hows”. We learn by doing. Experience is the best teacher, but this can only happen if we try new things. And it is our experiences that make us stand out from others.

By taking a leap of faith, confidence can be built based on success. Or if unsuccessful, it shows areas that can be developed next time. A mistake doesn’t have to be a disaster. Life is full of them. It is simply an opportunity to try again / something else. It’s also an opportunity to see how far we have come, and even laugh at ourselves.

Enhancing experiences that already bring happiness might be a less daunting step. By mixing things up a bit and putting a new spin on it, it can help keep that passion going for longer, keeping you inspired and motivated. A simple example of this could be if exercising. By changing your route/regime or your playlist, it might help keep it interesting.

It doesn’t have to be anything drastic either. One small thing can open up other doors to other opportunities.  This is perfect for wellbeing as someone’s confidence can then be seen in other aspects of their life. Until you try new things, you may never know your true passion, purpose, or power. We are born curious, but manage to lose this curiosity when the day to day responsibilities take over. Trying new things is part of building an all-round person. If you’re seeking more in life, then there is an emptiness that can be filled by trying new things which can boost confidence and self-belief. Why survive when you can thrive.

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